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Часть1 (50 вопросов)
(Специфика разработки турпакетов, маршрутов в туризме)

1 Name the first step in the tour development procedure:
negotiations with suppliers, calculations and promotion
a tour starts with calculation and promotion
the tourists are asked to leave the place of destination
a tour begins with an idea

2 The negotiations about the system of discounts help to find out who will …
speak about different destinations
promote the tour and pay for it
give the best prices and how much they will be
give the discounts and how much the discounts will be

3 The major problems discussed during the stage of negotiations are …
tickets to the exhibitions
admission fees
the type of accommodation, the meals provided, the length of stay and the cost of the tour in general
prices for tickets to the museums

4 The tour planner maintains good relationships with suppliers in order to…
fill in the tour package with all its components
be able to travel well
communicate with a lot of people
fill in the tour package with insurance

5 The tour operator arranges:
transportation, hotel accommodations, and other services
selling of the tour
overnight shifts
talking over the telephone

6 What’s the distinction between a tour operator and the travel agent?
they sell tours to each other
a tour operator or wholesaler sells tours at the retail level and a travel agent sells tours at the wholesale level
a tour operator sells tours at the wholesale level and a travel agent sells tours at the retail level
the distinction between a tour operator and travel agent is great

7 What is the difference in functioning between retail travel agents and tour operators?
retail travel agents sell packages through tour operators
the tour operator never sells packages through retail travel agents
retail travel agents always sell packages through wholesalers
the tour operator sells packages through retail travel agents

8 What do travel agents provide for tourists in general?
the validity dates and other necessary information
prospective travellings
the costs of the tour
all the necessary information on the itinerary and amenities of the tour

9 How do the tour operators benefit from bulk buying?
they get better itineraries
they get profits
they get reduction
they buy overseas cruises

10 The tour operators use the ABC guide in Great Britain as it informs them…
on hotels
on international telephone, telex and times
only on overseas touring holidays
on skiing resorts

11 What is confirmed for the traveller?
Accommodation at a restaurant or apartment
Accommodation at home, villa or apartment
Accommodation at a villa or in a big town
Accommodation at a hotel, villa or apartment

12 What is arranged for the traveller?
arrivals at the airport
visiting unique places
only accommodation in an apartment
flight reservations, transport between airport and hotel

13 Spain is one of the most exciting tourist destinations of the world because…
here visitors find unique places to which they will always want to return.
it has excellent damp and cold climate
it has truly northern unbelievable landscapes.
it has wonderful Chinese cuisine.

14 What is central to Madrid life?
art and culture
its wonderful cuisine
the Prado museum
flight reservations

15 The most interesting sightseeing cities of Spain are …
Andorra and Lansarotte
Costa Bravo, Benidorm
Dali and Picasso
Barselona, Valencia, Seville, Granada

16 Ibiza's capital, Ciudad de Ibiza, was founded by the Carthaginians…
100 years ago
2,500 years ago
1000 years ago
years ago

17 Every regional tourism office promotes its area through …
travel agents only
transportation facilities
travel and trade shows, familiarization tours, TV, radio, newspaper
universities and colleges

18 Regional offices can provide the international traveller with …
radio and TV announcements
good mobile phones
toll-free numbers
an array of opportunities

19 Cooperation among normally competitive businesses is necessary …
to advertise the city area
to undertake small tourism businesses
to share experiences
to bring tourists to the area

20 The importance of regional advertising provides …
a few attractions in an area.
an enhanced image of an area
successes and failures of the tour
an opportunity to earn more money

21 Red Square was known as "fire" until …
the middle of the 17th century
the beginning of the 17th century
the middle of the 18th century
the end of the 17th century

22 Red Square was known as "fire" because the place had been once destroyed …
by fire
by enemies
by the Poles
by animals

23 Moscow is so famous because …
it has more than 10,000 avenues, streets, squares and lanes
its population is over nine million residents
it is a beautiful historical place
many of its buildings were erected by the well-known architect Matvei Kazakov

24 Moscow developed according to …
its radial thoroughfares
a complex tangle of old streets
many interesting ancient monuments.
a historically formed pattern

25 Moscow was built on …
on seven hills
on seven mountains
on seventeen hills
on seventy hills

26 What is most of the advertising oriented towards?
towards large tourist-generating regions.
towards small tourist-generating regions.
towards interesting tourist regions
towards big profits

27 What is the plural of medium?

28 When we start speaking about advertising radio is unique because it can reach people …
flying their planes
driving their cabs
driving their cars
doing their puzzles

29 Base cost per participant provides …
the most vital step in tour production
a markup sufficient to cover all promotional costs
a fair profit to establish a selling price.
specific-use negotiations with suppliers

30 The tour operator can significantly lower the cost of the tour if …
the traveler is responsible for paying for each meal separately
it is an individual tour
the financial success is measured
the tour costing can be accomplished

31 The advantages include …
a very expensive tour
a lot of paperwork
a lack of choice
a less expensive tour

32 What will the travelers need?
to budget for nothing
nobody will pay for any meal
meals won’t be paid for
to budget for and pay for each meal.

33 What about the cost of meals during the travel?
meals are a very cheap portion of the trip
meals are never provided during the trip
meals are rather cheap during the trip
meals are a very costly portion of the trip

34 Costly meals lead to …
dissatisfaction among the travelers
satisfaction among the travelers
the limited choice from the menu
the unlimited choice from the menu

35 When meals are included … what portion of the total tour cost they represent.
the traveler will know exactly
the traveler agent does not know
only the tour operator knows
the traveler will not know

36 Many people like to pay …
one price
other costs during the trip
three prices during the travel
a lot of prices

37 The level of hotel quality affects …
the price of the tour
the cost of the meals during the tour  
the cost of the visits to the museums 
the price of the sightseeing tour 

38  An economy tour usually books or provides …
less expensive hotels 
very expensive hotels 
luxury hotels in large cities 
cheap one-star hotels 

39  Deluxe tours are usually booked with …
the local motels 
the most luxurious restaurants 
the finest motels 
the worst motels 

40  Deluxe tours spend more time …
at the seaside of the Mediterranean sea 
at a well-known museum 
at a principal destination 
in the best shops of the destination 

41  Tourists spend a lot of time in one place during deluxe tours because a good tour is intended to be …

42  What is not a hallmark of a deluxe tour?
driving long distances every day 
driving short distances every two days 
driving a car every two days 
deluxe hotels 

43  What provides an outline of the atmosphere of the community?
studies of the social, political, and economic environment of Russia 
studies of the social, political, and economic environment of the community or business
studies of the social, political, and economic environment of another region 
studies of the business environment of the community 

44  The two basic types of forecasting techniques are …
qualitative and quantitative 
fluent and accurate 
quantitative and resourceful 
qualitative and advantageous 

45  What attracts tourists in any destination?
a unique atmosphere, history and natural scenery 
business atmosphere, no history and dull natural scenery 
the absence of natural scenery 
a the lack of unique atmosphere 

46  Holiday resorts usually attract tourists because of their …
secluded beaches, or their golf courses 
museums, art galleries and wonderful shops 
sunny beaches and their snow-covered ski-slopes 
snow-covered mountain tops 

47  The purpose of the independent tour is to enable travelers …
to obtain guaranteed rates 
to get higher education 
to obtain all the benefits of volume discounts and prearranged, guaranteed rates 
to obtain visas 

48  A hosted tour provides …
an independent tour and budgetary constraints 
an independent or adventurous tour 
budgetary constraints 
scheduling opportunities for the traveler and a host 

49  The host is a representative of …
the travel company t 
the general manager 
the neighbouring kingdom 
the tour or a ground operator 

50  The difference between the two types of tours: a hosted tour and an independent tour lies in … of tours and services at the destination.
the quality 
the access 
the availability 
the lack 

Часть 2  (60 вопросов)
(Основы деловой переписки на английском языке)

1 Before you begin writing a letter it is important to think about _______:
the person who you are writing to 
The person involved in the matter 
The problem concerning the matter 
The man responsible for writing letters 

2  If the wrong style is used, the letter will look _________:
impolite, silly or odd 
Rather sincere 
Very monotonous 
Very rude 

3  No use of short forms is characteristic of:
Informal letters 
Formal letters 
Short e-mail letters 

4  Narrative or descriptive letters are written when you may need to:
Describe something 
Print something 
Telephone about your departure 
Inform about your arrival 

5  Where should you write the name and address of the person to whom you are writing?
near the salutation 
under the salutation 
above the salutation 
Below the salutation 

6  What will encourage a speedy reply?
the reference number found in the advertisement 
The words of love 
The number in the book 
The headline in the paper 

7  How many questions can you ask during the fact-finding stage?
A minimum 
A hundred 
A maximum 

8  When you speak to the customer, you should:
talk your feelings through 
move on to investigating more details 
enable him to gain control of his emotions 
choose your words and tone of voice with care 

9  What is included in the formal letter?
your address and the date 
the company's address 
The date of receiving a letter 
The hotel’s address 

10  When a letter does not contain only facts it’s:
An informal letter 
A fax 
A non-personal letter 
A formal letter 

11  Writing transactional letters requires a:
Short paragraph 
Personal address 

12  Sometimes it is good to end your letter with _________:
A greeting 
an action sentence 
A farewell word 
Your friend’s address 

13  What should you always keep a copy of?
All letters from a criminal 
All personal letters 
All love letters 
all business letters 

14  Claims and complaints very often reflect:
Significant proposals 
differences of opinions or lengthy battles over matters of significant importance 
Differences in the approaches to the matter 
New ideas and opinions 

15  If you see that your employees can solve the complaint you should:
have all the facts 
ask them to do it 
keep your questions to a minimum 
save most of your comments 

16  How should you end a semi-formal letter showing respect for the recipient?
Sincerely yours, Anna 
See you at the office, Anna 
Love/ Regards/ Best Wishes/ Yours, Anna 
Faithfully yours, Anna 

17  Non-colloquial English is characteristic for ________:
Personal letters 
Faxes and telexes 
formal letters 

18  To start a letter you should write down briefly the points you wish to make and put them in a:
logical order 
Good order 

19  What’s the best way to end the letter?
To send it by e-mail 
To read the letter 
to use one of the stereotype expressions 
To write the address 

20  What saves words in addressing the message for many companies?
An e-mail address 
a short telegraphic address or a telex number 
An IP address 
A home address 

21  The preparation and writing a report or a business letter falls into:
Two pages 
four stages 
Five pages 
Three pages 

22  A tourism manager with high levels of assertiveness and cooperation resolves a complaint by:
talking about it with all the members of the staff 
effective talks with the customers 
collaborating with others 
orders to stop the matter 

23  Which outcome of a conflict resolves the conflict for the long term?
a win-lose outcome 
a lose-lose outcome 
a win-win outcome 
neither of them 

24  When is the name of the recipient included in the address?
When his name is unknown 
When his name is under control 
When his name is known 
When his name is abbreviated 

25  The recipient's address is not included in the letter _________:
In semi-formal and informal letters 
In special letters 
In formal letters 
In company’s addresses 

26  What should you write if you have met the person or have spoken to him over the telephone?
«Dear Sirs» 
«Dear Peter» 
«Dear Mr. White» 
«Dear Sir» 

27  If you are not sure of the sex, do not write Dear Sir or Madam, but still write:
Dear Peter 
Dear Madam Hilary 
Faithfully yours 
Dear Sir 

28  What should you close it with if you address your letter with «Dear Mr. Jones»?
«Sincerely yours» 
Your dear friend 
«Yours dearly» 
«Yours faithfully» 

29  All electronic messages have a tendency towards being:

30  What are the two categories letters are divided into:
formal and informal 
letters accepting or refusing an invitation 
letters asking for or giving information 
letters giving or asking for directions 

31  Personal, short, zappy style is habitual for:
Rude letters 
Kind letters 
Formal letters 
Informal letters 

32  Pronouns are often omitted in:
Formal faxes 
Formal letters 
Informal letters 
Formal e-mail letters 

33  If a woman has signed a letter not giving her title, you assume the title as Miss or use the expression Ms which is equivalent of:
Mrs. or Miss 

34  Where can the date be written?
on the right-hand side of the paper below your own address, or on the left-hand side immediately below the reference 
on the left-hand side of the paper above your address 
After the end of the first sentence 
on the right-hand side of the paperbelow the salutation 

35  What should the date give?
The day of the last meeting 
the day of the month, the month, and then the year 
The day of your meeting with your friend 
The day of your birthday 

36  While handling the complaint the manager should:
get the feelings 
establish a non-threatening tone for the meeting 
choose the way you speak to them 
keep the discussion about the conflict under control 

37  After setting the tone he should focus on:
seeing all members of the staff 
discovering the customer’s feeling 
allowing the customers to talk out their feelings 
defusing the complaint 

38  In a semi-formal letter showing respect for the recipient with whom you are on friendly terms, you should begin the letter with:
Dear Mr/Mrs Smith 
Darling Mrs. Smith 
Darling Mary 
Dear Patricia 

39  For what letters is frequent use of Passive Voice habitual?
Informal letters 
Descriptive letters 
Personal letters 
Formal letters 

40  The reason for the complaint is stated in the:
Second sentence 
Last sentence 
Penultimate sentence 
first sentence 

41  Why should we never enclose any original certificates or diplomas?
they can easily go astray 
They can be easily replaced 
They can be omitted 
They can be found 

42  Which messages contain special abbreviations that are constantly used and quite understandable?
Personal letters 
Faxes as well as telegrams 
e-mail letters 
Formal letters 

43  Business correspondence can:
indicate a course of action. 
help someone write letters, memos, telexes and faxes 
inform and provide background information 
make recommendations 

44  Honesty and hard negotiating lead to:
Negotiating with the other party 
Creative solutions that can meet the needs of everyone concerned 
Talks with the company staff 
Creative talks on TV 

45  Personal style is characteristic for ________:
Formal letters 
Formal faxes and telexes 
Informal letters 
Telegrams and reports 

46  When each paragraph develops one specific topic it’s a:
Formal letter 
Personal letter 
Personal fax 
Formal telex 

47  Infrequent use of descriptive adjectives is a good feature of:
Formal letters 
Informal letters 
Personal letters 

48  When you may need to write to a friend describing your summer holidays you must write in:
an informal style 
Good business style 
A formal style 

49  A letter which is asking for further information about a summer camp based on an advertisement is a _________:
transactional letter 
Business letter 
Descriptive letter 
e-mail letter 

50  Which elements may you need to have at the end of every report or a letter?
Final proposals 
The recipient’s address 

51  A key element in successful complaint management is being:
aware of the feelings held by everyone involved in the conflict. 
the first person to speak about good management in the company 
innocent and respectful 

52  In a lose-lose outcome, no one involved in the conflict:
tries to conceal his feelings 
satisfies all or even most of the needs 
speaks openly about it 
loses it 

53  In a win-win outcome, the needs of all parties are:
talked over and rejected 
satisfied and the conflict is resolved 
not satisfied and the conflict is resolved 

54  We should end the letter with Yours sincerely, John Smith:
When we know the recipient’s address 
When the address is unknown 
Saying good-bye to the recipient 
When we begin it with Dear Mr Witkins 

55  Complex sentence structure is a feature of a:
Formal letter 
Informal letter 
Semi-formal letter 
Personal letter 

56  The purpose of a letter of complaint is to:
Describe a situation 
Advertise a new film 
Inform about your arrival 
complain about a specific problem 

57  What should you write if you have not met the person or have never spoken to him over the telephone?
«Dear Gracie» 
«Dear Paul» 
«Dear Sir» 
Sincerely yours 

58  What should you close your letter with addressing a person with «Dear Sir»:
«Yours faithfully» 
Sincerely yours 
Good-bye for the present 
Love and kisses 

59  If you decide that a manager should handle the complaint you should first:
discuss it over the radio 
hold negotiating with the manager 
inform the manager 
arrange a meeting between him and the customer 

60  In a win-lose outcome, one party’s needs are:
never satisfied 
sometimes negotiated 
satisfied while those of the other party are not 
always talked over 

Часть 3  (60 вопросов)
(Визиты зарубежного партнёра. Контакты. Резюме. Устройство на работу)

1 What does the stage of negotiations mean?
the volition to participate in the process of selling and buying 
the wish to get profit 
the desire to sell everything 
the promotion to a new stage 

2  Why is the stage of negotiating between a salesperson or travel agent and a client important?
both parties want to get promotion 
both parties want to get profit 
both parties want to show sympathy 
both parties want to feel satisfied with their deal 

3  Does anyone involved in the process of negotiations want to be cheated?
Everybody does 
One of the parties does 
Nobody does 
A successful negotiator does 

4  What kind of relationship is more effective during negotiations?
Friendly and respectful 
prosperous and cheerful 
aggressive and competitive 
nice and friendly 

5  What should a salesperson or a travel agent believe?
That she or he is over the competition 
that his product is good 
that his or her product has certain advantages over the competition 
that his product is of great value 

6  What must customers be sure of?
they are buying a product that is good value and of high quality 
they are going to get a lot of profit 
they are going to acquire a hotel 
they spend their money on something they don’t really need 

7  Can customers dealing with tourism spend their money on something they don’t really need?
Of course 

8  What can a good travel agent persuade anyone to buy?

9  What must a good salesperson in tourism know?
how to sell products 
where to get profit 
where to show animation performances 
how to deal with different kinds of people 

10  What must a good salesperson point out?
how his or her product will benefit each individual customer 
where to go for money 
where to stay to relax 
how to get high profits 

11  What must he convince his customers in?
your product is the one they want 
your product is expensive 
your product is cheap 
your product is the worst 

12  What does a successful stage of negotiations depend on?
good relationship between negotiators 
Rivalry between the parties 
Good servicing of the company 
both the salesperson and the customer asking each other the right sort of questions 

13  What do successful travel agents often have?
much attention to the their work 
special talents and an outgoing personality 
a lot of money 
a good knowledge of the service market 

14  What does a tourist company usually depend on?
its own travel agents 
wholesalers at the big supermarkets 
retailers at tour operating companies 
the salesmanship of its distributors at the department stores 

15  What else does any tourist company need?
To establish a personal relationship with its major clients and potential customers. 
To entertain tourists 
To ski and skate a lot 
To speak foreign languages with its customers 

16  Does a travel company deal impersonally with another company?
No, it doesn’t. 
Yes, it does. 
All the time 

17  Whom does a tour operator interested in the accommodation of tourists receive personal visits or telephone calls from?
people representing the hotels 
the suppliers of different gambling services 
representatives of different tourist attractions 
people presenting educational services 

18  What is much more expensive in tourism?
keeping travel agents and tour operators "on the road” 
doing nothing to get potential partners 
doing everything to get potential partners 
to spend time unproductively travelling 

19  What is more effective in tourism?
a discussion 
servicing overseas customers 
phone, fax, or e-mail communication with not so many personal visits 
Telephone booking 

20  What do tourist companies do for communicating with other tour operators?
hold regular tourist exhibitions, fairs and conferences 
ask questions about new products and receive training 
have no contacts 
have the day-to-day contacts 

21  What is important in the process of negotiating?
Diplomacy, friendliness and cooperation 
additional persuasion 
bargaining about the conditions 
Negotiating about the sales presentation 

22  How many phases are there in different types of business negotiations?
four main phases 
five main phases 
three main phases 
two main phases 

23  What is the preparation stage?
you work out what you do not want 
you work out what priorities you never have 
you work out what you want to speak about 
you work out what you want and what your main priorities are 

24  What is the debating stage?
you say what the final conditions are 
you never say what you want 
you listen to the customer 
you try to find out what the other side or the customer wants 

25  What is the purpose of the proposal phase?
you get prepared to trade, offer or concede 
you formulate your proposals 
you are patient and but do not listen to the other side’s proposals 
You suggest things you could trade 

26  What is the essence of the bargaining phase?
you indicate what you will actually trade, offer or perhaps concede 
you bargain about what you will actually concede 
you do not offer anything 
you trade what you can 

27  What is the major regulator of mutual relations of contractors?
A contract 
A letter of request 
A draft negotiation 
A copy of an application letter 

28  What is of great value in the process of negotiations?
the appropriate registration of the concluded contract 
the appropriate registration of the cover letter 
the appropriate registration of the concluded deal 
the appropriate registration of the letter of request 

29  Why is drawing up a contract a complicated process?
it should establish the law 
the contract should provide all essential conditions 
it would be nullified in the future 
it should manage the process 

30  From what time is the contract void?
from the moment of its fulfillment 
from the moment of sale 
from the moment of happiness 
from the moment of request 

31  What does the detailed contract with precise wordings provide?
it promotes the execution of the contract 
it does not suppose unnecessary conflicts 
the consecutive mechanism of its realization 
it corresponds to the will of the parties 

32  What should the contractors do in order not to have any problems with the law?
it is interesting to know everything 
it is necessary to help to make out a contract 
it is necessary to charge lawyers 
it is important to write a draft contract 

33  Which contracts are most frequent in international trade?
contracts of sale, for construction work and lease. 
Only contracts for lease 
Contracts of international negotiations 
Contracts of assigning rooms in the hotels 

34  What do contracts of sale include?
turnkey contracts 
barter deals 
compulsory deals 
large-scale contracts on a compensation basis 

35  Why do licence agreements stand apart from all the above contracts?
they deal with scientific-technical knowledge 
they deal with licenses, patents and know-how 
they do not deal with selling and buying physical goods 
they deal with the sale and purchase of ideas 

36  What is necessary to do in order to ensure the fulfillment of the above basic contracts successfully and profitably?
a number of auxiliary agreements (contracts) are to be concluded 
a lot of money 
a number of travel agents 
a lot of prosperity 

37  Who signs a written contract of sale?
the Buyers and the Sellers. 
the Sellers. 
the Buyers 

38  What do the parties do to settle their differences and claims amicably?
they argue a great deal 
they do their best to agree 
they negotiate a lot 
they travel the Globe 

39  What happens if they fail to agree?
the deal goes to the state court 
the negotiators argue a lot 
the travel agents go on strike 
the claim is submitted for arbitration 

40  Who bears arbitration expenses?
They arte argued upon 
They are happily negotiated about 
They are usually borne by the looser 
They are agreed upon 

41  What does a company do in order to place a request for buying goods or services in the tourist industry?
it sells a lot of products 
it goes abroad 
it fills in special order forms 
it never moves around 

42  What should you indicate in special order forms?
the sum of money given as a bribe 
only terms of payment 
only special discounts 
the quantity of goods or services, their description, price, terms of payment, date of delivery, discounts 

43  What should you do to make certain points clear?
You should telephone your customers 
you should write a covering letter and enclose your order form 
You shouldn’t talk a lot 
You should explain things clearly 

44  What does the Seller or the Supplier do when he is ready to fulfill the order?
he sends the Buyer a confirmation letter 
he sends the Buyer a contract 
he sends the Buyer a cover letter 
he sends the Buyer a letter of agreement 

45  What does an order of acknowledgement present?
an order copy, or order duplicate, signed by the Seller 
an order copy, or order duplicate, signed by the Buyer 
an order copy signed by the Travel Agent 
an order duplicate, signed by the General Manager 

46  What is a duplicate enclosed with?
thanks for order 
a cover letter 
the changes prices 
dates of delivery 

47  What does a company do if it is interested in the new product of a company?
it goes to the exhibition 
it orders advertising materials by mail 
it sells them by post 
it looks through the advertising material of the company 

48  In what way does the company usually advertise its new product?
It advertises its new product in mass media 
It advertises its highest standards 
they say it doesn’t even outperform other similar products 
it advertises their new product on radio and TV only 

49  What is one of the most important factors in the performance of a new product?
the terms of delivery of a product 
your trust in that company 
It’is guarantee period 
your belief in its luck 

50  What happens if the Buyer or the Supplier is not ready to fulfill the order?
he helps the company to trust the brand 
he buys similar goods from another company 
he refuses the order 
he never offers to substitute the goods which are not in stock 

51  What should you do in order to apply for a job?
you usually have to send curriculum vitae (CV) – in the USA called a resume – and a covering letter 
you usually have to send a covering letter 
you usually have to send a resume 
you usually do not have to send anything 

52  What would the applicant like to say when writing a letter of application?
what conditions he or she would like to have 
what job and conditions he or she would like to have 
what opportunities he or she would like to have 
what profit he or she would like to have 

53  What facts should a good letter of application contain?
the experience the applicant has 
how useful he will be to the company 
facts the prospective employer wants to know 
what money he got when he worked at another company 

54  What would be advisable for the applicant to submit if he has held several positions?
a personal data sheet 
our curriculum vitae 
full personal details 

55  What does the letter serve?
to draw the reader's attention to the candidate's suitability for the vacancy 
to draw the reader's attention to the life story of the candidate 
to draw the reader's attention to the to the love story of the candidate 
to draw the reader's attention to the candidate's attitude to the vacancy 

56  What must you do if you are starting your career and have had one or two jobs or none at all?
all the particulars can be included in the letter itself. 
all the particulars can be mentioned in the letter of credit 
all the particulars can not be included in the letter itself. 
all the particulars can be included in the cover letter only 

57  What does the contract of employment define?
the responsibilities and notice 
the conditions of work only 
the holidays allowed 
the conditions of work, the working hours, holidays allowed, responsibilities and notice. 

58  What else may the contract of employment contain?
a job defect 
a job description 
a job restriction 
a job resolutionscription 

59  What additional information must it give on?
fringe benefits 
expenses and commission where applicable 
company pension scheme 

60  What is to be given when employment is terminated by either party?
notice in writing and the set period observed 
notice in writing 
the set period observed 
notice about the advertising period

Часть 4  (62 вопроса)
(Телефонные переговоры)

1  What is the right way to answer to the greeting: How do you do?
Good morning. 
Glad to see you. 
I am fine, thanks. 
How do you do? 

2  What is the right way to answer to the phrase: Hello! Nice to see you!?
Good day! 
Thank you very much. 
How are you? 
Hello! Nice to see you too! 

3  What is the right way to continue: Let me introduce my friend Frank Black?
It is nice to meet you. 
How do you do? 
How are you? Glad to see you. 
What are you? 

4  Continue the phrase: Let me introduce myself:
I am Sir Smith. 
I am Smith. 
I am doctor Mr. Smith. 
I am John Smith. 

5  Find the right variant of the sentence: Он представитель американской фирмы.
He is present in the American firm. 
He is present at the American firm. 
Не is a representative of the American firm. 
He is a representative to the American firm. 

6  What will you say to greet a person if it’s now 10 a.m.:
Good morning! 
Good afternoon! 
Good evening! 
Good night! 

7  What would you say to a friend if you hope to meet soon:
See you later! 
See you! 
Good bye! 
So long! 

8  What should you say in response to the words of thanks:
Good bye! 
Not at all. 
Go on! 

9  What would you say to introduce yourself?
Let me to introduce myself. 
1 want introduce. 
Let introduce me. 
I want me introduce. 

10  What preposition would you use in the sentence: May I introduce our Sales Manager ...you?

11  What preposition would you use in the sentence: Не graduated ...the University in 1997?

12  Give the synonym for the word "supplementary information"
super important 

13  Find an odd word in the list of words

14  Find an odd word in the list of words

15  Find the proper way of address if the woman is married:
Mrs Porter! 
Mrs Porter Jane! 
Dear Missis Jane! 
Miss Jane! 

16  Find the incorrect pairs of words:
Mr Black and Mr White - Ladies 
married - Mrs 
single - Miss 
Mr - He 

17  The improper word combination is:
to be single 
to be a widow 
to be an accountant 
to be married 
to be divorced 

18  Choose the correct translation: Let me know the date of your arrival:
Сообщите мне о дате вашего прибытия. 
Мне сообщили дату вашего прибытия. 
Мне разрешено узнать день вашего приезда. 
Я дам вам знать дату прибытия. 
Мне сообщат о вашем приезде. 

19  Choose the meaning of the word "customer":
A client of a bank, firm, etc. 
A person working at the Customs Office. 
A man who is accustomed to do something. 
A person who follows the customs of the country. 

20  Choose the synonym for the word to visit
to corne to see 
to run 
to apply 
to speak to 
to travel 

21  Which pair of words is not synonymous:
to want - to wish 
to start – to finish 
to let know - to inform 
to go on - to continue 
to help - to assist 

22  What does the word "signature” mean?
French dish 
a picture 
mathematic symbol 
your name written in a certain way 

23  Give English equivalent of the phrase: Я интересуюсь этой работой:
I am interest in this work. 
I am interesting with this work. 
I interesting by this work. 
I am interested in this work. 

24  Find the correct variant of the sentence: "I am afraid I can't accept your terms".
Я испугался, когда не смог принять ваши условия. 
Я побоялся принять ваши условия. 
Боюсь, что не смогу принять ваши условия. 
Я боялся нарушить соглашение. 
Боюсь, что я не отвечаю требованиям. 

25  Find an equivalent for the phrase: "to make an appointment".
to agree to meet 
to have a rest 
to point at something 
to become careful 
to make somebody look beautiful 

26  Find an equivalent for the word "to invite":
to ask somebody to come 
to wait for somebody 
to hope 
to ask somebody 
to bring 

27  Find an equivalent for the word "to offer"
to suggest 
to give 
to taste 
to take 
to present 

28  Find the correct translation of the sentence: "Мне хотелось принять ваше приглашение, но я занят в воскресенье".
I wanted to accept your invitation but I am busy on Sunday. 
I can't accept your invitation but I am busy on Sunday. 
I would like accept your invitation but I am busy on Sunday. 
I wish to accept your invitation but I am busy on Sunday. 
I wish I could accept your invitation but I am busy on Sunday. 

29  Which pair of words is synonymous:
go on – stop 
difficult - easy 
answer question 

30  Which pair of words is antonymous:
Accept - refuse 
object - disagree 
hard - difficult 
nice -beautiful 

31  Read the sentences from the advertisements and say if you see the mistakes in them (pay attention to the way the letters are printed)
We like Sunlight in our kitchens! 
The best Nescafe Gold! 
Buy toothpaste Colgate total! 
Helen Brown (37) - the poet of the year! 
Fly by British Airlines! 

32  Find the sentence where you see a punctual mistake
Our production - shoes and boots - is not expensive. 
Не is an expert, isn't he! 
What a boy! 
Yes, of course. 
We receive letters, cables, faxes every day. 

33  Find the sentence where the brackets are not necessary:
John Dlack (45) is the expert of Hall Ltd. 
(The sailor) James Clark came to our party. 
A. Pushkin (1799-1837) is a great Russian poet. 
The Great Patriotic War (1941-1945) was very cruel. 
V.I. Lenin (Ulyanov) was born in Simbirsk. 

34  In Winter and in Autumn I live in the country.
The depth of the river is 3 m. 
East or West - home is best. 
Every Sunday he goes to the bank. 
He went to Paris with his son. 

35  Where is the name of the month abbreviated incorrectly?
Sep. = September 
Apr. = April 
Dec. = December 
Nov. = November 

36  Find the mistake in the following abbreviations:
Dr. = Doctor 
Dir. = Director 
Can. = Chancellor 
Col. = Colonel 
M.P. = Member of Parliament 

37  Find the mistake in the following abbreviations:
Co. = Company 
Corp. = Corporation 
Inc. = Incorporated 
Ltd. = Limited 
Dep. = Department 

38  Find the mistake in the following abbreviations:
Rd. = Road 
Sq. = Square 
Av. = Avenue 
Bld. = Building 
Apt. = Apartment 

39  Which pair of words means the same?
building - avenue 
apartment - road 
flat - apartment 
flat – square 
street - square 

40  Find the date spelt without mistakes:
15th Ма, 2006 
15 Mar. 2006 
15th March 2006 
15th March, 2006 
15 March 2006 

41  Find the mistake in the ending of the formal letter:
Yours Sincerely 
Yours truly 
Yours faithfully 

42  Find the mistake in the following:
Sigma Ltd. 
45, Abbey Rd. 
Lancashire (GB) 15 
Goodwill R.G. 
Sales Manager 

43  If you address a person but do not know the sex you should begin your address like this:
Dear Sir or Madam 

44  If the letter is signed instead of you then it is marked:

45  Which words are not synonyms:
latter - first 
cable - telegram 
reply - answer 
enclose - attach 
joint - common 

46  Find the correct version of the sentence:
The firm provided us information of the goods. 
The firm provided us with information on the goods. 
The firm provided us information by the goods. 
The firm provides us with information on the goods. 
The firm is providing us with information about the goods. 

47  What is the correct substitute for the underlined word: problems concerning this credit.
as for 

48  Find the definition for the word combination: advance payment.
payment made in parts 
payment made beforehand 
payment made at the beginning of the year 
payment made at once 
payment made in time 

49  What does the word combination "outstanding invoices" mean?
profitable invoices 
invoices paid in time 
invoices which have been already paid 
different types of invoices 
invoices which haven't been paid yet 

50  Give the proper translation of the sentence: "Деньги у меня в кармане".
The money is in my pocket. 
In my pocket is the money. 
The money are in my pocket. 
The money were in my pocket. 
The money in my pocket. 

51  Find the definition for the word combination: "specified period":
certain agreed time 
convenient time 
time for rest 
time for action 
satisfactory time 

52  Find the spelling mistake in the following words:

53  Complete the sentence: If the works have been done …
we have results. 
we must work harder. 
we failed to do the works. 
we can't go home. 
we can't sleep. 

54  Complete the sentence: We pack goods...
to prevent them from dаmage. 
to receive them in time, 
to check them. 
to make them look nice 
to count them. 

55  Find the definitions for the word "expenses":
something expensive. 
money spent on something. 
something special. 

56  Find the translation of the word "replacement".
новое место. 

57  Find the definition for the word "satisfactory".
product of a factory. 
connected with satellites. 
very bad. 
corresponding somebody's demands. 

58  Find the phrase which announces that the quality does not correspond to the example:
The quality could be better. 
The quality leaves much to be desired. 
The quality is exсellent. 
The quality is not up to the samples. 
The quality is satisfactory. 

59  You are all for receiving excuses and say:
I must accept your apologies. 
I am ready to accept your apologies. 
I am obliged to accept your apologies. 
I wish to accept your apologies. 
I would like to accept your apologies. 

60  Find the word with the spelling mistake:

61  Which word must be used to make the correct word combination with the word office?

62  Find the word combination which has no sense
this us 
my letter 
our decision 
computer technology 
your project 


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